Eye Dream Prices

Initial fitting price for Ortho K - £325 

This involves a fitting appointment which includes a full eye examination, a contact lens suitability test, eye mapping, plus insertion, removal & lens care teaching. The 1st set of lenses with a solution starter pack is also provided. 

This is followed by three diagnostic review appointments (after one night’s wear, after 7 night’s wear and 10-14 days after 1st fitting).  These review appointments are necessary to ensure that the treatment is working as the shape of the eye will change over the course of the trail period. 

Once you complete the initial treatment, the upfront cost for 1 year’s worth of treatment is £850** for level 1, £1100** for level 2 and £1400** for level 3. The levels are dependent on the prescription and complexity of the lenses and prescription required. This includes all the diagnostic review & follow up  appointments and 2 x 6 monthly lens replacements. You are also entitled to 20% off any interim spectacle lenses or soft contact lenses if required while the treatment is ongoing.

After the 1st year you will then be signed up to the Direct Debit monthly plan which entitles you to replacement lenses every 6 months and all aftercare appointments, The pricing will be from £70 to £120** per month depending on the lens type we prescribe. You can also choose to pay the yearly upfront cost also if you wish.

Please note that the minimum contract period is 12 months.  A notice period of three months is required and if you are mid cycle, you must pay until the next lens cycle.

  • It is recommended by the manufacturer that the lenses are replaced every 6 months to minimise risk of wear and tear damage and/or bacterial build up.
  • If you lose or break a lens, replacements are included in your monthly subscription within reason, however these are issued at the Optometrists discretion.
  • If a lens is lost or broken during the trial period, a charge of £150 will apply. 
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