Frames for your face shape

Let’s cut to the chase. Unless you have an identical sibling, have found your very own doppelganger or are the world’s first human clone, your face is pretty much unique. We all have distinguishing features, markings and face shapes that make us different. Now while this is something that can and should be celebrated, it may mean that finding your ideal pair of sunglasses can be tricky.

So to make things just that little bit easier. We’ve made you a handy dandy guide that can help you find your perfect pair.

Good old classic aviators and wayfarers are your ideal bet! Though your options aren’t just limited to Ray-Ban! (Though they would look incredible) Cutler and Gross, Tom Ford, Prada, Chopard and many more have their own variations of these iconic styles that would be perfect for you.

You lucky devil! Your only limit is the frames width! Always make sure the widest point of the frame is at least as wide as your face, and you’ll do just fine. Why not try something a little different, like the always funky Chrome Hearts range!

Your strong features are part of your charm! And we love that about you, but it might be a good idea to try a slightly softer shape for your sunglasses. The Oliver Peoples Finley or the Cartier Revival are just a couple of examples of styles to consider.

A much sharper, square or rectangular shape is definitely up your street. It’s something that will give you a much more striking look. The Cutler and Gross 1166 or the Oliver Peoples Bernado would most compliment you wonderfully. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try a Cat-eye style with some flare, such as the Fendi Orchidea

Like your Oval counterparts, you too are indeed quite lucky! Most shapes will suit, but its best to avoid anything too extreme (Round or angular shapes). Deeper styles and tear drops would be ideal. Something tells me you would be very happy with Saint Laurent’s range of stylish frames or even the always incredible folding Persol Steve Mcqueens.

It’s all about getting the right balance, so more angular frames would work rather well but try for frames with high bridge like the Dior So Reals. Deeper styles can work as well so don’t be afraid to try something that’s a little more out there such as Prada’s PR51RS 7CQ5Z


Always remember that you have your own style, so this is just a push in the right direction. For more tips on finding the right pair and to keep up with what new goodies we have in store, follow us in Instagram and Twitter


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