Maybach and Hoffman- A match made in optics heaven

Bespoke Buffalo Horn and fast cars. What more could you ask for?

When speaking of the luxurious Maybach brand, we immediately think about their incredible cars. Featured in movies, TV and music videos, it’s a dream of many enthusiasts to own one of these incredible vehicles.

Their standards are high, so when trying to figure out how to enter the world of Optics, only the highest quality would suffice. Partnering with the German manufacturers, Hoffman, Maybach began their introduction in to Glasses and sunglasses using much more interesting materials, such as Buffalo Horn, wood, gold and platinum.

Starting their run with such materials meant they had a certain standard to maintain and then improve upon. This has been the case as with each season, their new models get better and better.

We have stocked both Maybach and Hoffman frames for many years. Their dedication to maintaining such high quality in their products has been incredible and it reflects in their work. It is the reason we take such pride in showcasing their styles.

Hoffman have shown us time and time again that they are always up for a challenge. Allowing us as opticians to create new styles with their range of natural Buffalo Horn, we can provide our clientele with a bespoke option for their next pair of glasses and sunglasses. Our Opticians in Knightsbridge can go through with you the steps to creating your perfect pair with this all-natural material.

Make sure you visit us here at Chatoo Of London – Knightsbridge, so that you can really see and feel the quality of Maybach and Hoffman products.

See you soon

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