Ortho Keratology

What is Ortho Keratology?

Ortho Keratology (Ortho K) is the use of hard contact lenses to correct myopia and small amounts of astigmatism with overnight contact lens wear. Sleep and see!

My name is Aiman, and I am an optometrist with almost 18 years of experience.

Why did I decide to start fitting Ortho K?

Two of my 3 children have myopia brought on by genetics (me ) and their love of reading over playing outside, playing with Lego over going to the park etc and the obvious one- devices.

I couldn’t sit back and watch their eyes get worse to the point where their glasses lenses were becoming thicker despite advances in lens technology and they needed correction to see for sport. Contact lenses were an option but again with hay fever in the mix those were not the best solution.

I tried the latest in myopia control from Mi-sight contact lenses & Myosmart spectacle correction, and while they worked to some degree in controlling the progression of short sightedness, they didn’t fix the problem of constant glasses/contact lens wear.

I knew I had the skills being an optometrist to do more for them, so I contacted No7 and completed their ortho K accreditation and became a registered Eyedream practitioner.

Why is this perfect for children?

Because YOU (the parent/carer) are in control. No lens wear during the day means less risk of loss or damage to lenses, or glasses, less chance of eye infections, and happier children.

Children make great Ortho K patients; they are usually quick to learn, and it teaches them valuable lessons in responsibility and hygiene. Plus, their eyes are still developing and ortho K can slow the progression of short sight with the added benefit of correcting the vision to almost zero. 

The best part of my job since I’ve started fitting Eyedream is the look of joy on a parents face when we find the child’s prescription has reduced right down. And the child who hates their glasses can finally be free of them for a whole day right up until they go to bed at night.* Check out our testimonial from Reem who is 15 and glasses free!

Ortho K isn’t just for children. Adults can benefit from this too

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