Contact Lenses

Contact Lens examinations at Chatoo & Co. include a full, thorough examination of the front surface of the eye and your suitability for wearing contact lenses. With the ever-increasing popularity of contact lenses, our opticians ensure that your eyes are properly looked after.

We offer an extensive range of disposables: daily, 2 weekly and monthly disposables. Ranges include single vision and multifocal prescriptions.

Free trials are available for most brands and our Optometrists will work with you until they find the right lens type for your eyes, making sure that we provide you with optimal comfort and vision for your needs.

  • External eye health check to determine your suitability for contact lenses.
  • Training you for contact lens care and fitting.
  • Wide range of contact lenses from which we choose the ones best suited to you

We offer a choice of payment plans and schemes to provide you with the most competitive prices, which may include additional discounts on glasses and sunglasses.

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